Monday, February 22, 2016

Thanks to the Loony-Left...

I also like how this excerpt identifies the "blacklist" but doesn't have a vocabulary to identify it by name, referring to it as the "naughty list."

//Why? In the initial start-up phase, things looked good. All sorts of very hip and important activist types got in touch with us to say that it looked ‘amazing!!!’, that they were excited and the project gave them ‘hope’. Within just a few weeks, the tables had turned. We were criticised for publishing an article that suggested that student loans might not be the worst thing, because it didn’t fit in with the approved doxology that free education is a must-have, and we were pilloried for a tongue-in-cheek article ‘Am I only a feminist to get laid?’ because it showed a ‘flippant and harmful attitude towards feminism’.

Indeed, our readers – the stepford students themselves – were so moved to outrage that 40 of them clubbed together and wrote a high-minded, patronising, clumsily-written open letter to us, signed: ‘We hope that this letter might stimulate some thought about what those ethics are, and how best to put them into practice.’

We did our best to meet them in the middle: we responded to the letter, we did our best not to go against too many leftist articles of faith, and we had a period of about two weeks where we exclusively published content written by women. We moved towards a more syndicalist, leftist-friendly leadership style, in spite of the fact that this proved a pretty inefficient way to run a publication, and we reached out directly to some of the most vocal critics, offering them a chance to help edit this unwieldy new publication and guide it in the ‘right’ direction.

Most of them, predictably, weren’t interested. We’d been put on the naughty list, and so eventually the pool of writers just dried up completely. Those with a more open political mind weren’t keen to be associated with a name that implied such closed-mindedness (despite the attempts to reclaim it), and the others were more willing to scrape from the side-lines than get stuck in and do the hard work of building a new, positive platform. To all intents and purposes, The Stepford Student had been no-platformed by the stepford students.//

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