Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Immigration - Facts Matter.

//The greater consumption of welfare dollars by immigrants can be explained in large part by their lower level of education and larger number of children compared to natives. Over 24 percent of immigrant households are headed by a high school dropout, compared to just 8 percent of native households. In addition, 13 percent of immigrant households have three or more children, vs. just 6 percent of native households.//

Makes sense, although it runs counter to what I've always read, which is that illegals pay in more to the system than they take out.

Of course, those studies were done when the government wasn't enabling illegals to get welfare benefits.

Needless to say, this is a broad brush that doesn't apply to all immigrants, legal or illegal, but facts matter in developing policy.


Anonymous said...

From the Article:
"Richwine noted that illegal immigrants are barred from directly receiving welfare, but instead get it via their legal children." I think 'their legal children' refers to U.S. citizens living legally in this country.

This issue started when we let the Irish in. They were the poorest and least accomplished people of the day, and their ilk cost this country dearly.

mrez said...

Your comments are so very slanted. no wonder you are Anonymous. Strange... Troll.

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