Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The nice thing about having a Democrat in the White House is that there is never any bad news.

Remember how the media complained about "bad jobs" during the nightmare years of the Bush administration, when people barely eked a living while paying their government-mandated, inflated, medical health premiums?

//Hiatt throws out lots of reasons, such as people saving more now than pre-recession, as well as people working to clear up old debt. Not mentioned is the reality of the jobs being created, which are low wage and often part time. These are the jobs that Democrats called “bad jobs” during the Bush presidency, and blamed him directly. People just don’t have the money to spend like they used to in the Obama economy.//

Good times, good times...

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Anonymous said...

All I remember about the Bush administration was massive tax cuts for the wealthy; massive federal deficits; massive growth in the side of government; a war based on false intelligence that cost the lives of thousands of American soldiers, the health of tens of thousands more, and caused us to borrow literally trillions of dollars from places like communist China; and ended with a massive financial collapse / crisis that was second only to the Great Depression.

But hey, let's just assume all Republicans and everything they do is good and all Democrats and everything they do is bad. Maybe we could all start a "respected" blog and re-post stories from all over the Interent that supports this narrow-minded and thoughtless world view. That will surely make things better.

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