Thursday, July 07, 2016


Congress is referring Hillary Clinton to the FBI for a perjury indictment. Given FBI Director Comey's recital of Clinton's lies, that seems like a prima facie case.

What I am now amazed at is the fact that although President Truman was a Hiss supporter and viewed the HUAC's accusation that Hiss had been a Communist as a "red herring" in the election campaign, the US Attorney's office still proceeded to try Hiss for perjury DURING the Truman administration AND even though Hiss was surrounded by politically influential friends everywhere.
What a difference in the idea of professionalism 70 years has made.

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Lauran said...

PB--you might be interested in an article in the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy (Summer 2016, Vol. 39, No. 3)titled "Linguistic Relativism and the Decline of the Rule of Law," by R. Epstein.

Not being an attorney, some of the terminology was a challenge for me but you'd breeze through it. Curious how the progressives find their way around the Constitution and constitutionality.

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