Thursday, July 07, 2016

The death of justice.

Is there an exemption for the disclosure of National Security information to attorney's to get "good legal representation"? Is that what Comey is implying in this clip.

I doubt it.

Here's the problem - Comey was explaining Hillary's motive in violating the law. Motive is not an element of the crime. The issue is "intent" - specifically did she intend to give security information to people who were not cleared to receive it.

Comey has basically conceded that Hillary violated the law.

A Facebook friend observes:

"The prime federal law enforcement agency in the country has essentially told the American people they they are no longer willing or able to serve the interests of the people. They serve the interests of a currently unelected presumptive nominee and the elites who protect her. That is, in my mind, nothing less than a coup d'etat. And we are all just sitting here with our mouths open while the other half of the country is playing arm-chair lawyer/judge/jury by claiming that they know there was no case against her in the first place (no matter what Comey explicitly said)."

And this is AFTER we had the spectacle of the IRS targeting political opponents AND nothing was done to punish the guilty or protect the innocent.
We owe these people nothing.

As an attorney...dumbfounded.

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