Saturday, July 16, 2016

The nice thing about having a Democrat in the White House is that there is never any bad news. 

If this was a Republican administration, the fact that an unprecedented 51 State department officials signed a statement criticizing the president would PROBABLY be considered "news."


Anonymous said...

The nice thing about following a Neo-Con blogger is that he doesn't know how to search the Internet for facts that contradict his view of reality.

Here's a link to the coverage on CNN that took about 15 seconds to find. I didn't bother to look for the details on the other several hundred times this story was covered.

Peter Bradley said...

Thanks for proving my point.

You cite a single article from when the cable was released and no follow up and no interest in the dissent.

Compare that to the treatment given to Bush when he dared to fire political appointees. We were treated to months of articles about the danger of the "unitary executive theory," which basically is what the executive branch is supposed to be, because he was stifling dissent.

Drink the kool-aid on the way out.

Anonymous said...

It seems odd you are expecting me to provide numerous links. How many would be sufficient? Five? Ten? One Hundred? You've heard of CNN?

Just type in the correct letters in the search bar on the top of your browser and you will be rewarded with a nearly endless articles on the subject. Really, I'm not stupid enough to prove your point or to drink whatever your favorite of kook-aid is.

There are four kinds of people who are intellectually politically active: one, Republicans / conservatives who follow politics and their party like they would follow their high school football team; two, Democrats / liberals who follow politics and their party like they would follow their high school football team; three, those who don't care at all; four, those who analyze political issues and come to rational conclusions without the need to be part of some absurd "team red" or "team blue." Your "team red" mania is unmistakable. So much for rational conclusions from the most respective blog in all of North-Central Fresno County.

Who links to me?