Friday, July 15, 2016

The "useless eaters" must go...

... said the side that "lost" World War II.

"Three years after Vermont legalized assisted suicide, pro-lifers are beginning to witness the abusive effects of the law on the elderly and disabled.

Mary Beerworth, executive director of Vermont Right to Life, shared the story  of a 91-year-old woman who was staying in a rehab facility because she broke her wrist. When her family was not in the room, Beerworth said rehab staff repeatedly asked the elderly woman if she was in pain or depressed; then they would remind her that she could commit doctor-prescribed suicide under the new law. Beerworth said the woman never was diagnosed with a terminal illness; she just was old and had a broken bone.

Coercion and abuse are major problems in states where assisted suicide is legal. Beerworth said the Vermont legislation makes it worse by requiring that every person diagnosed with a terminal illness be told that they can commit assisted suicide with a doctor’s prescription.

And the pro-euthanasia group Compassion& Choices, formerly the Hemlock Society, hired someone in Vermont to go to geriatric conferences and senior citizens expos to promote assisted suicide, Beerworth said. On their display table, they give away life savers, she said.

“You can’t make this up,” Beerworth said."


Anonymous said...

I'm glad we have Peter Sean Bradley to determine the time and circumstances of our individual deaths. Its a nice fall-back from personal control to know such decisions can be made by a an unrepentant neo-Conservative, Catholic, pro-Western Civilization kinda guy rather than making our own decisions.

Peter Bradley said...

Anonymous prefers that the elderly and disabled be "persuaded" to kill themselves.

Yeah....given the choice, I will go the approach that the Nazis didn't try already.

Lauran said...

In case you haven't noticed, "Anonymous," yes--you're looking like quite the know-nothing and not doing very much to improve your situation.

But don't let that shut you up--you don't start out with very much.

Anonymous said...

Great, both Lauran and Peter Sean can form a committee to enforce their own views on death and dying on the entire population. Maybe you could call it a "Death Panel."

Don't worry Lauran, there's nothing you could do to shut me up. Maybe you could actually make an argument rather than making empty statements trying to insult me. You can't do that either.

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