Monday, August 29, 2016

Freedom - the split second between breathing one orthodoxy out and breathing another in.

Can you imagine the cries of censorship is the Fresno Fair refused to admit a painting that depicted a crucifix in a jar of urine?

Or outlawed walking on the American flag?

Artist sues Fresno Fair for banning Civil War painting depicting Confederate flag.


Anonymous said...

It seems to me there is no one censoring the "cries of censorship" related to this gentleman's painting and his right to display it at the Great Fresno Fair. Just as with some painting you don't like, he is seeking to have his rights affirmed via the courts and will likely win. I understand your view that there is hypocrisy evident in the reaction of the general population and political activists to such things. So what else is new? Conservatives and liberals often don't apply their own rules to themselves. Geese and gander. Pots and Kettles.

Peter Bradley said...

The knots you have to tie yourself into in order to justify Liberal Fascism.

So, because this person can bring a lawsuit against government censorship, he hasn't been censored?

Well, tell that to Miller and Vonnegut and everyone else who had their books taken off the shelves of libraries and who we here about every year in "Censored Authors" week when liberals flog the theme that they've been the victims of censorship.

Obviously, this artist was censored under classic "viewpoint discrimination."

The powers that be in government have decided that Confederate flags are "badthink" and are using their petty power to enforce their orthodoxy.

As was the case when conservatives censored liberals, the result is silliness and giving attention to things that lack substantial intrinsic merit. For example, this is not a particularly good painting, and it is now getting more attention than would have been the case if some liberal bluenose had not flaunted his petty power.

But, again, I notice that you don't deal with the subject of the article. Rather, you take on two contradictory positions, i.e. (a) this is not censorship and (b) conservatives were bad when they did this same thing.

My response, in case, you had trouble following what I wrote - since it doesn't fit your preconstructed narrative is - (a) it is censorship and (b) yes they did.

In that regard I am consistent and you are a hypocrite.

That, frankly, is why I can't take your comments as serious contributions.

Anonymous said...

So there is someone censoring the cries of censorship? When did I say it wasn't censorship? Why is everyone who doesn't agree with the substance of your every post a "liberal fascists? Personally, I don't view what goes on at the Great Fresno Fair as particularly compelling regarding any subject. But you keep posting about urine and pictures of Jesus and banned books (as tough liberals were the ones banning Vonnegut et al) and as though "conservative fascists" (see how cute such insults are?) never do stupid things like trying to ban art.

And when displayed as signs of respect on government property, I would agree that Conferate battle flags are an unacceptable display of support for a treasonous, murderous slavery-dependent culture that is best kept to the history books, peckerwood pickup trucks, and skinhead conventions. I would prefer that any government I pay taxes to not display such signs of treason.

You always come across as a angry man who seems to think he is a clearer thinking person than those around him. You seem unable to consider the possibility that you are sometimes wrong, so you resort to typical rightist language and insults ("liberal fascists") which really means nothing and impresses no one but those who already have shut themselves off from open thinking on almost all issues. You know, people like yourself.

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