Tuesday, August 30, 2016

America - Now with even more hope and change!!! Obamacare - 2016 //As President Obama admitted after signing the ACA into law, the aim of the health-care reform is really to provide affordable insurance, not care. Has it delivered on that score? Did we get affordable insurance? Since the ACA took effect, the cost of insurance has gone up dramatically just about everywhere. Our previously unaffordable health insurance is now even less affordable. Before implementation of the ACA, analysts were warning us about “sticker shock.” Their predictions have been confirmed. Premiums are higher; co-pays and deductibles are up. Where is our promised affordable insurance? Under Obamacare, insurance companies cannot afford to sell insurance because their costs have gone through the roof. UnitedHealth reported losses in excess of $500 million in one year, while Aetna lost $430 million. No for-profit organization can keep that up for long. So both have stopped selling Obamacare insurance. What that means is that even as insurance costs go up, options to purchase go down. Would you call that success? In sum, President Obama has saddled us with: - More insured people, but diminished access to care. - More spending, not less. - No affordable health care. - Less affordable health insurance. There are no Obamacare successes on which anyone can “build.//

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