Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Obama's Third-Term.

Obama and Hillary's instinctive reaction to an attack on America was to forthrightly blame....


Specifically, American free speech.

We were told - falsely - that the free speech of an obscure Youtube video maker had killed Americans in Libya.  The implied message was "be careful not to say bad things about Islam because Americans are at risk."

Stockholm Syndrome as National Policy.

Those who can remember back to 2007 can remember that Dissent Is The Highest Form of Patriotism and It is Evil to Question Patriotism.

But look at Hillary play the "Free Speech is Dangerous" card before her media enablers:

//“Hi!” Bloomberg’s Jennifer Epstein said to Hillary Clinton yesterday, when the Democratic candidate took questions from the press in White Plains, N.Y. Mediaite reports Epstein then asked this question:

“Are you concerned that this weekend’s attacks or potential incidents in the coming weeks might be an attempt by ISIS or ISIS sympathizers, or really any other group, maybe the Russians, to influence the presidential race in some way, and presumably try to drive votes to Donald Trump, who is, as you’ve said before, widely seen as perhaps being somebody who they would be more willing to—or see as an easier person to be against?”

Mrs. Clinton dodged the nutty Russian-conspiracy theory, but her answer still exerted upward pressure on eyebrows:

Well, Jennifer, I don’t want to speculate, but here’s what we know. . . . We know that a lot of the rhetoric we’ve heard from Donald Trump has been seized on by terrorists, in particular ISIS. . . .

They want to use that to recruit more fighters to their cause by turning it into a religious conflict. That’s why I’ve been very clear; we’re going after the bad guys and we’re going to get them, but we’re not going to go after an entire religion and give ISIS exactly what it’s wanting in order for them to enhance their position.

Secondly, we know that Donald Trump’s comments have been used online for recruitment of terrorists. We’ve heard that from former CIA Director Michael Hayden, who made it a very clear point when he said Donald Trump is being used as a recruiting sergeant for the terrorists. We also know from the former head of our Counterterrorism Center, Matt Olsen, that the kinds of rhetoric and language that Mr. Trump has used is giving aid and comfort to our adversaries.

Politico observes that “aid and comfort to our adversaries” is “the constitutional definition of treason.” That’s not quite accurate; the Constitution uses the word “enemies,” which is more specific than "adversaries” (Vladimir Putin’s Russia, for example, is an adversary but not an enemy). But in this particular case, the distinction lacks a difference, since she’s referring to ISIS, which is undoubtedly an enemy.//

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