Monday, October 10, 2016

Basically, Democrats can prosecute their political opponents, because those people are unimportant....

....but threatening to reopen a corrupt FBI investigation against Hillary is over the top and a harbinger of Fascism.

During Sunday night’s presidential debate, Donald Trump quipped that if he were elected president, Hillary Clinton would be in jail for illegally using an unsanctioned private email server — which was housed in a bathroom and less secure than a Gmail account — to disseminate classified information during her tenure as secretary of State.
The media had a fainting spell over Trump’s comment, and are insisting he’s behaving like a dictator and threatening to jail a political opponent. Here’s a few of the numerous overwrought headlines that have emerged.
Vox: “Donald Trump’s threat to imprison Hillary Clinton is a threat to democracy”
The New Yorker: “Trump Shows His Inner Dictator”
CNN: “Trump threatens to jail Clinton if he wins election”
ThinkProgress:”Trump campaign can’t decide whether Trump was joking about putting Hillary in jail”
They seem to be forgetting that throwing the book at one’s political opponents is what Democrats do all the time. Here’s 16 times Democrats tried to prosecute their opponents for political gain, not justice.

1. David Daleiden

After publishing undercover footage of Planned Parenthood harvesting organs from the bodies of aborted babies and discussing agreements to sell those baby organs, Daleiden became public enemy number one for Democrats. A Texas district attorney tried to charge Daleiden and his investigative partner for organ trafficking, a misdemeanor, and tampering with a government record, a felony.
From the beginning, the case against Daleiden showed obvious conflicts of interest. As The Federalist reported, “the district attorney who indicted Daleiden has received more than $25,000 in campaign contributions from the defense attorney for abortionist Douglas Karpen, who has been described as the Kermit Gosnell of Texas.” California Attorney General Kamala Harris, who had Daleiden’s home raided after the videos emerged, had financial ties with Planned Parenthood.
The charges were eventually dropped, after it was discovered the prosecutor “illegally shared evidence against Daleiden with Planned Parenthood, even though the Texas Attorney General’s office explicitly prohibited it.”

2. Little Sisters of the Poor

The Obama administration tried to fine this Catholic organization, which cares for impoverished elderly individuals, for refusing to provide birth control to their employees. The Little Sisters didn’t want to be compelled to hand out contraceptives, as it violates their religious beliefs, but Obama’s Health and Human Services took them to court to try to force them to pay $70 million in fines per year, which would have likely bankrupted the organization.

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