Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Clintons Corrupt Everything.

I've been in some discussions with Facebook atheist/progressives about the relative merits of Trump's sins versus Bill Clinton's sins/crimes.

They generally refuse to deal with the facts of the disbarred perjurer being credibly accused of rape, preferring to call the consistent testimony of 19 women as "neocon myth."

My point is that they are not offended by the conduct; they are offended by the person, and willing to excuse worse conduct of people they like.

And now comes Joyce Behar to refer to women who were RAPED by Bill Clinton as "tramps who slept with [Hillary's] husband."

And the audience applauds.

There you have it.  Rape is acceptable if done by the politically correct person.

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Anonymous said...

When I can't figure out how to proceed politically by referring to Karl Marx, I always have Joyce Behar on deck just in case. One of the truly great ones.

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