Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Christian organization crackdowns on dissenting voices.

Cardinal Ratzinger was often described as "cracking down" on people who just wanted to talk when he took the radical position that Catholic schools should teach Catholic doctrines.

Now we have repeated instances of nominally Evangelical organizations "cracking down" on Evangelicals who do not teach the most recent iteration of secularist doctrine.


//I thought book banning was supposed to be a thing of the past–particularly among the self-proclaimed liberal elites.  We live in a more sophisticated time where all views are accepted. Tolerance should be our highest priority.

Or so we are told.

But, apparently book banning is back in vogue.  Dr. John Kutsko, executive director of the Society of Biblical Literature, has just proposed that InterVarsity Press–one of the largest evangelical presses in the country– be suspended from having a book stall at the annual SBL meeting (starting in 2017).

The reason for this ban is the recent decision by InterVarsity to uphold the biblical view of marriage and to ask their employees to do the same (see IVP clarification on their policy here).

Since I have a current book with IVP Academic, The Question of Canon, and a forthcoming book with them on Christianity in the second century, SBL would effectively be banning my books from the annual meeting.  And that would be true for hundreds and hundreds of other IVP authors.

Of course, the overt hypocrisy of this is stunning. An organization that professes to be for tolerance and for accepting all opinions, has now decided to be, in effect, a “confessional” institution where the ideologies of the ruling committee decide what people should and shouldn’t believe.//


Anonymous said...

"Of course, the overt hypocrisy of this is stunning."

I disagree with this sentiment.

Hypocrisy, maybe. Stunning, absolutely not. Its not even surprising.

There are plenty of hypocrites living at the intersection of religion and politics on all sides of the street. One must remember to look both ways before crossing on foot.

Peter Bradley said...

Liberal fascism is excusable because "everyone does it."

Thanks for that moment of clarity.

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