Tuesday, October 25, 2016

They can get cheap suicide drugs, so why are they complaining?

Since there are no such things as slippery slopes anymore...

...it is not the case that the "right to die" became the "obligation to get it over with."

//Since California’s End of Life Option Act took effect, attitudes expressed by sick members of support groups she’s run or been involved with have changed to the grim. Where once members exchanged messages of hope, “people constantly are talking about, ‘We should be doing this [dying].’ ”

“I just wanted no part of it,” says Packer, a devout Roman Catholic.

Then her doctors suggested that switching to another chemotherapy drug might buy her time. Her medical insurance company refused to pay. She says she asked if the company covered the cost of drugs to put her to death. She was told the answer is yes — with a co-payment of $1.20.

“My jaw dropped.”

Months later, after Packer threatened to tell her story to the media, the drug was approved. Sean Crowley, media relations director for Compassion & Choices, a “death with dignity” advocacy group, told me that treatment delays or rejections are “not uncommon” in the cost-conscious insurance industry.//


Anonymous said...

But wait, Republicans and conservatives are telling us that unfettered competition between insurance companies across state lines all by itself will solve our healthcare issues.

Yet these same insurance companies Republicans want us to rely on all on their own to provide and be responsible for healthcare to the self-employed, the poor (employed or nor), those who get sick after getting insurance, and those who already are sick are the same companies that regularly institute "treatment delays" and coverage "rejections" and would prefer their sick customers commit suicide rather then seek treatment, all in an effort to cut the actual healthcare costs they incur.

Seems a just a bit ambitious to rely on companies held in such high regard.

Peter Bradley said...

You have nothing to say about the pressure that is being placed on the ill and disabled to die?

That was the point of the post.

You are free to chase whatever squirrels you want, but the point of the post remains unchallenged.

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