Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Obama to healthy, young people in Arizona...

....You're Screwed!

"Another ObamaCare Shock

A 27-year-old will pay 116% more in Arizona. Thanks, Mr. President."

To be fair, they were the idiots who elected "Hope and Change."


Anonymous said...

And the Republican plan for the 20 million who had no insurance before the ACA, to those with children in collage, to those with pre-existing conditions who couldn't get insurance at any cost, or women who were charged more than men for insurance?

The sound of crickets. More crickets.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should campaign against Medicare, Mr. Bradley, instead of against the ACA as Medicare really is single payer socialized medicine and therefore much more evil than the ACA. Or would the elderly Republicans who rely on Medicare really rather just pay their own way? Somehow, I doubt it. But hey, political positions have more to do with self-interest and reelection than conservative or liberal political ideology.

Peter Bradley said...

I take it that you are delighted with the fact that working class Americans are paying 4 times as much for health insurance that they can't use because of high deductibles?

Your single-minded commitment to your ideology is breath taking.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, most Americans (the vast majority) get their healthcare through their employers or through the ultimate socialist program, Medicare. Several thoughts come to mind:

1. Are the Republicans going to repeal Medicare, the ultimate socialist and evilly single-payer U.S. government program in existence, right after they repeal the ACA?

2. Most people covered under the ACA receive substantial government subsidies so they will experience nothing like the increases you cite.

3. Congress, both Republicans and Democrats, refuse to do anything meaningful to rein in healthcare costs which are the ultimate drivers of these increases. One little example: ever wonder why we, the U.S. taxpayers, subsidize the cost of drugs in the rest of the free world? Probably not.

4. Please tell us, after you kill the evil and repulsive and leftist ACA how are planning on addressing those with pre-existing conditions, the poor, women etc. etc. etc. when you craft (apparently in secret up to his point) their brilliant replacement? "Believe me, it will be great."

5. Where have Republicans and conservatives been on the issue of the cost of and access to healthcare for the last 50 years or so? If you've a solution other than "don't get sick," please lay it on us.

I just can't wait until your righteous team goes after Medicare. It's dismantling by Republicans / conservatives will be the ultimate death panel.

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