Friday, November 11, 2016

...because American values requires nuns to pay for abortion.

This is the most dogmatic and unintentionally funny thing I've read since the election.

The fact that Neal Gabler could write this after it has been conclusively demonstrated that the media was the party organ for Hillary, Inc. shows a remarkable ability to ...what's the phrase....ah, yes...."create their own facts, their own truth, their own reality":

//Retiring conservative talk show host Charlie Sykes complained that after years of bashing from the right wing, the mainstream media no longer could perform their function as reporters, observers, fact dispensers, and even truth tellers, and he said we needed them. Like Goebbels before them, conservatives understood that they had to create their own facts, their own truths, their own reality. They have done so, and in so doing effectively destroyed the very idea of objectivity. Trump can lie constantly only because white America has accepted an Orwellian sense of truth — the truth pulled inside out.

With Trump’s election, I think that the ideal of an objective, truthful journalism is dead, never to be revived. Like Nixon and Sarah Palin before him, Trump ran against the media, boomeranging off the public’s contempt for the press. He ran against what he regarded as media elitism and bias, and he ran on the idea that the press disdained working-class white America. Among the many now-widening divides in the country, this is a big one, the divide between the media and working-class whites, because it creates a Wild West of information – a media ecology in which nothing can be believed except what you already believe.

With the mainstream media so delegitimized — a delegitimization for which they bear a good deal of blame, not having had the courage to take on lies and expose false equivalencies — they have very little role to play going forward in our politics. I suspect most of them will surrender to Trumpism — if they were able to normalize Trump as a candidate, they will no doubt normalize him as president. Cable news may even welcome him as a continuous entertainment and ratings booster. And in any case, like Reagan, he is bulletproof. The media cannot touch him, even if they wanted to. Presumably, there will be some courageous guerillas in the mainstream press, a kind of Resistance, who will try to fact-check him. But there will be few of them, and they will be whistling in the wind. Trump, like all dictators, is his own truth.//


Anonymous said...

"create their own facts, their own truth, their own reality"

Its funny how you sound just like the Democrats you hate with your self-professed Catholic bias. The irony is, you don't hear it. In the end, like the animals, many of us can no longer tell the difference between the pigs and the men.

Peter Bradley said...

I am sure that you think that you have just written something profound.

What you point is, though, is something that exists only in your own mind.

Here is a tip - make a statement and then support it with evidence.

Good luck!

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