Thursday, November 10, 2016

Election 2016 - Aftermath

Wasn't it odd how Black Lives Matter protests that shut down freeways managed to stop for the month before the election?

And now they've started up again.

And remember how we learned that the DNC was sending payed agitators to start riots at Republican rallies?

Based on what we NOW KNOW how the left operates, does anyone doubt that this is anything but a spontaneous protest or that it this isn't a coordinated bit of agitprop from George Soros?

//Police in Portland, Oregon, are now classifying the anti-Trump protests there as a "riot" due to "extensive criminal and dangerous behavior," according to a tweet on the police department's Twitter page.
"Crowd has been advised," the tweet added.
Police tweeted that projectiles had been thrown at officers, and cars had been damaged.
    Protests and demonstrations in the wake of Tuesday's election continued Thursday night in other US cities including Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Denver, Minneapolis and Oakland, California.
    Developing story - more to come//

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