Monday, January 09, 2017

Award Shows - So that the cultured despisers of average Americans can come out one night a year and applaud themselves for their courage.

I've got a collection of House DVDs that I am willing to sell cheap.

//Laurie, who was honored with a best-supporting Golden Globe for playing avaricious arms dealer Richard Roper in AMC's limited series The Night Manager, admitted he was worried about the potentially chilling effect of the incoming Trump administration on award shows.

"I suppose it's made more amazing by the fact that I'll be able to say I won this at the last ever Golden Globes," said the actor, who started out in comedy as one-half of Jeeves & Wooster. "I don't mean to be gloomy it's just that it has the words ‘Hollywood,’ ‘Foreign,’ and ‘Press’ in the title. I just don't know ... I also think to some Republicans even the word ‘association’ is slightly sketchy."//

This joke is so unfunny in light of the absence of similar jokes when Obama tapped the phones of Fox's James Rosen and had the IRS target conservatives.

Enemies lists were just great back then.

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Anonymous said...


Like Trump, you have taken unto yourself the lie that all average Americans support Trump and Republicans in general and anyone who doesn't express such support can't be an average American. Do you really think that can be true when way more Americans voted for someone other than Trump than voted for him and way more even voted for Mrs. Clinton than Trump? You post incessantly about "leftist" and "progressives" who attempt to limit free speech as though that is a defining trait of the tens of million of Americans who consider themselves liberal and democrats while simultaneously wailing like a baby when anyone expresses a derogatory opinion about a cad like Trump.

I think you know that a statement like "the cultured despisers of average Americans" is a lie, yet you repeat and generalize the sentiment over and over again. Cognitive bias much?

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