Monday, January 09, 2017

Nothing is more likely to swing rural white voters from the Rust Belt quite like the Dowager Queen of Hollywood expressing her disapproval of their selection.
Meryl Streep tells the Deplorables, "We are not amused."

She's like a member of the French aristocracy saying "How could we have known" on the eve of the French Revolution.

Mollie Hemingway makes some good points:

//Media reporter Alex Griswold wrote, “I think those who share Hollywood’s politics don’t realize how tiresome it is that being lectured at is a prerequisite to follow pop culture.” It’s not just Hollywood. It’s a political media that treated Mitt Romney — Mitt Freaking Romney! — as the second coming of Hitler. It’s a political media that has never cared to understand, much less fairly explain, conservative viewpoints, instead running after Republican politicians shouting “What about your gaffes!”

Yes, if you rudely dismiss and sneer and treat half the country like they are monsters worthy of extermination for enough decades, you should not be surprised to find them voting for Donald Trump as a weapon of last resort. If you disparage and mock and systematically dismantle all norms, tear down every traditional institution, deny objective reality, and preach that all truth is relative, you should not act like the rise of Donald Trump is such a surprise.//


//First off, Trump is horribly rude. He hits people hard, commenting on their looks, their strength, their demeanor. He mocks what they say. At its worst, this is embarrassing behavior to witness in a grown man and a sure sign that our civil discourse is suffering. At its best, he shows some much needed fight in a world where bullies are able to shut down differing opinions through control of the news cycle.//

Too true.


Anonymous said...

Once more dear friends into the breach.

The victimhood of conservatism and "the average American." The deplorables should sue for reparations, maybe form a "Deplorables Lives Matter" movement to counter the decades and decades of being treated like monsters worthy of extermination. Once again we are at the intersection of the Yellow Brick Road and Highway 99 staring at a straw man up on a pole. Bravo.

Personally, I've always been in favor of dismantling ALL norms, tearing down EVERY traditional institution, and treating the TRUTH as relative. I mean thats obviously where we are at, so I'm very content. For example, norms like segregation, and traditional institutions like those that indiscriminately killed black people throughout the South without consequence, and absolute truths like understanding that God himself (herself?) told slaves to obey their masters so you uppity folk should shut up and get back to work.

But I rage.

Nice post. Is there somewhere I can send money to help these people (or "victims" - the two words are interchangeable these days) who have been so dismissed and sneered at? I know, the Trump Inaugural Fund for Needy Deplorables. I'm sure, I mean absolutely positive, Trump and the TIFND know how to help these poor, poor souls.

Anonymous said...

Even worse, I think all the black people who didn't vote for Trump are also just like the French aristocracy.

By the way, I don't think the word "dowager" means what you think it does.

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