Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Hurray for Liberal Values.

Liberal academic at Middlebury college, Jay Parini, gets fed up with the totalitarian suppression of free speech at his college.

//Murray was to speak at Middlebury, but was overpowered by chanting protesters in the auditorium, and a professor who escorted Murray out after his event was forced to be canceled was injured by the demonstrators.

"Nothing I wrote was brain surgery," Parini said, "I was frustrated and horrified by what happened at Middlebury last Thursday."

Some of the principles Parini laid out in his statement include:

Only through the contest of clashing viewpoints do we have any hope of replacing mere opinion with knowledge.

The incivility and coarseness that characterize so much of American politics and culture cannot justify a response of incivility and coarseness on the college campus.

Exposure to controversial points of view does not constitute violence.

A protest that prevents campus speakers from communicating with their audience is a coercive act.
Parini said he was "distressed by the unwillingness of students to hear from opposing views."

People are fed up with the coarseness of discourse in the United States, he added, calling the context of his petition "enlightenment values."//

Not brain surgery, but necessary to restate.

It would be marvelous if we saw a resurgence in the commitment to liberal values.

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Anonymous said...

Hurray for North-Central Fresno County conservative values!

The one thing we can count on to save us is that individual U.S. conservatives never do anything stupid. Never. Otherwise, we would see such anecdotes of individual conservative actions posted here endlessly at the most respected blog in all of North-Central Fresno County. The fact that only liberal idiocy is displayed here is proof there is no conservative idiocy.

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