Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Megan has been pretty accurate on Obamacare.

So, this doesn't look good.


Anonymous said...

Those of us who have to buy our own insurance in the individual market are headed for the Conservative Republican plan sooner or later: "Don't get sick."

I truly believe the issue is that insurance is provided via employers. Individuals don't see any "costs" of healthcare, just the insurance deducted from their paychecks. No incentive whatsoever to consume wisely.

Further the bill currently in Congress does nothing, absolutely nothing, to control costs of actual healthcare. No tort reform. Nothing to address staggering growth in the cost of drugs. Nothing to address the MASSIVE cost of end of life care. Nothing to standardize or make transparent the cost of specific treatments, tests, drugs, medical supplies etc. You can have the greatest insurance available, but costs will still rise as healthcare inflation continues to run rampant.

We're doomed.

Peter Bradley said...

There is something corrupt in healthcare pricing.

In my observations of the mechanics of discounting health care liens in personal injury cases, I have seen that insurers will discount by 70% their billings. Further, the chief advantage of insurance is that medical providers will CHARGE less to insurance companies than to individual paying out of their own pocket.

Why a drug is charged at $10 to an insurance company is charged at $200 to a private party makes no economic sense. One would think that insurance companies would want to lower the cost to those who can't pay to expand their market.

The indication is that everything over $10 is profit (otherwise the company wouldn't charge $10 to an insurance company) and that they are milking private customers.

The only way that they can be milking private customers, however, is if there is some kind of cartelization or monopoly or rigging the system.

That is what needs to be looked into.

I suspect the current system permits all kinds of cartelizations that have raised all kinds of medical charges.

Obviously, given the insurance company buy-in for Obamacare, Obamacare must have contained all sorts of those kinds of gimmicks.

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