Saturday, April 08, 2017

Men and Women.

USA women's championship soccer team loses to high school team.

20 years ago, I read something in National Review about women in combat that pointed out that a boy's high school basketball team could generally beat the WBNA champion.

The point wasn't that there are no women capable of beating high school students but that the mean performance of women is statistically lower than that of men such that it gets really noticeable in team sports.

And, of course, given the amount we spend on the military, and our commitment to fact rather than wish-fulfilment, it is not unfair to ask, "what does this mean for for commitment to putting women in the military/combat?"

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Anonymous said...

I'm sold. We should only train 15 year old boys to fly combat aircraft and pilot naval vessels.

Better yet, given the known leftist-liberal-Democrat views on killing government officials they disagree with, maybe only Republicans should be allowed to serve. That way, they could all learn to defend themselves when the Dems invade their neighborhoods in the southwest and elsewhere.

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