Saturday, April 08, 2017

Leftist Crazy Talk.

Fresno professor advocates the assassination of Trump/execution of Republicans.

Somehow, I suspect that if something like this had been said about Obama and Democrats by a public employee...

...that public employee would be the subject of mass outrage under the heading of "triggering" and "incitement to violence.".

I don't want this guy to lose his job. He has free speech rights, talk is talk, and I would rather have idiots self-identify, but I can't help but notice that while this kind of thing is said by leftists in positions of respect and influence when things like this are said by non-leftists, they tend to be kooks.

Makes one think that this is a mainstream position on the left.

Also, note the Fresno angle.


Anonymous said...

Every leftist, liberal and Democrat I know regularly calls for killing someone or another. Just like every right winger I know calls for assassinating civil rights leaders and abortion doctors and for opposing the U.S. military's planned invasion of the southwest United States. Its getting so you can't trust anybody, isn't it Peter?

Anonymous said...

I read this in the comment section of New York Times article this morning and I immediately thought of you.

"This country reminds me more of Tito's Yugoslavia every day, a collection of jealous factions who see each other as vermin."

Sound familiar?

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