Monday, April 10, 2017

The new Appalachia.

A higher concentration of poverty than Louisianna.

It doesn't help the local economy that billions of dollars are pumped out of the economy to support Mexico.

//The new Bantustans

Fresno, Bakersfield, Ontario and San Bernardino are rapidly becoming the Bantustans — the impoverished areas designed for Africans under the racist South African regime — in California’s geographic apartheid. Poverty rates in the Central Valley and Inland Empire reach over a third of the population, well above the share in the Bay Area. By some estimates, rural California counties suffer the highest unemployment rate in the country; six of the 10 metropolitan areas in the country with the highest percentage of jobless are located in the central and eastern parts of the state. The interior counties — from San Bernardino to Merced — also suffer the worst health conditions in the state.//


Anonymous said...

Central California is not the new Appalachia.

The old Appalachia you envision if full of native born Americans, a population of native citizens who were left behind by the new economy and have often responded by sitting out life on the sidelines with opiates and using welfare to survive by trading food stamps for the new currency, cases of Pepsi. Central California has a few stereotypical Appalician-like white people, but is also full of generally hard working legal and illegal hispanics who, as you noted, work their axxes off to send money home to their families in other countries. They are ready and willing to do work those native-born in old Appalachia won't. So the alternative to your lament that "billions of dollars are pumped out of the economy to support Mexico" is to have no one available to do all the work by those evil hispanics in the central valley who are willing to work for so little. If anything, rich natives are taking advantage of those who are pumping their money back to Mexico. Or, in your view, we just need to provide free bus trips to those in Appalachia who will be more than willing to work in fields and in construction for minimum wage or less in the hot valley summers and foggy valley winters. Good luck with that venture.

Big difference, and I think you know it.

Anonymous said...

Let me be more clear. The old Appalachia houses a large population of white people who don't want to work. The central valley, your "new Appalachia", is full of brown people who do want to work. In fact, those brown people there illegally went to great lengths to get there so they could work and earn "the billions" they send to families back home. Those brown people sure are devious (or are "industrious" and "loyal" better words to use). That's why so many people blame them for their own people's problems, their deviousness. Just like the Irish and Italians etc. etc. years ago. Circle of life kind of thing I guess, listening to today's natives bag on todays immigrants.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I was just thinking about your compassionate statement that "it doesn't help the local economy that billions of dollars are pumped out of the economy to support Mexico."

Living over on the vastly more economically successful coast, I can't help thinking: It doesn't help the coastal economy that billions of our tax dollars are pumped out of the economy here to support businesses and governments and individuals in the "new Appalachia" of California's central valley, especially given billions of our coastal tax dollars already go to supporting the old Appalachia. Maybe we need a border and a "big bold beautiful wall" along the coast range to let everyone fend for themselves? We could even make the central valley pay for it!

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